About us


The Emmet County State Bank opened its doors on December 17, 1927. It occupied the Cass Building at the southwest corner of Lincoln & Seventh Streets in downtown Estherville, directly south of the Gardston Hotel. The new bank was capitalized at $50,000, with $10,000 reserve. The Board of Directors and Officers of the new institution were men of the greatest business integrity and the public had much confidence in the establishment of Emmet County State Bank. Its first officers were Henry W. Mahlum, President; N.H. McKerral, Vice President and Wayne C. Currell, Cashier.

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Currell came to Emmet County in 1927. Wayne was one of the founders of Emmet County State Bank, which later opened an office at Ringsted, Iowa. He served as President of the bank from soon after its start, guiding it through the depression of 1930’s, the years of World War II and into the growth years following the war. He continued in the bank and was active in many community activities until his death in December, 1959.

Three sons were born in Emmet County: Charles Richard Currell, now of Estherville; James Albert Currell of Spirit Lake, Iowa and Robert Lewis Currell, now deceased.

Jim Currell started working at ECSB in 1956 and served as bank President from January, 1965, to May, 1995. Jim currently serves as Honorary Chairman of the Board and his son, Greg J. Currell of Estherville, who started working at the bank in 1979 was named President of Emmet County State Bank from May, 1995 until May, 2008. Greg currently serves as Chairman of the Board.

In May, 2008, Douglas K. Lago, who has been employed at the bank since 1990, was named President & CEO of Emmet County State Bank. Doug continues to serve on the Bank Board of Directors.

Located in the midst of several small, rural communities, our Bank and it’s branch office will continue to offer services and incentives different from our competitors in order to attract and keep our agricultural-based customers. We offer timely loan servicing and a knowledgeable staff at both locations.